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Quantum Mechanical Phenomena

Propagating unacknowledged vectors...

Čerenkov Radiation
Welcome to the unruly thoughts of an unruly computer geek, perpetually in search of dark chocolate, something good to read, and the perfect street-bike leathers (black, of course - no matter how many high visibility colors I acquire).

Biography: In the beginning, I was born. Since then, I've been alive.

Have I mentioned I'm a wiseacre?

I'm also a lapsed portrait artist, a sometimes RPS (Rock Paper Scissors) referee, bookworm, congenital absolutely inveterate wiseacre, INTP, really bad harper, dark chocolate addict, collector of edged weapons, student of symbolism, fan of parts of Sanctuary, Donald McKay ship designer extra-ordinaire and Kelly Johnson, aircraft designer even more extra-ordinaire fangurl, published poet and avowed horsepower junkie. My degree is in physics.

This blog is about the boring, mundane, day to day reality of the life of a professional computer geek. Any references to non-boring matters is purely coincidental and should not be construed to reflect real events or persons, since we all know that computer geeks define the word boring, don't we?

If you believe that, you'll probably contract a headache around here.